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Firenze Parquet Restoration or Treatment:  Find the Best Professionals. Parquet treatment is  very understood not everyone knows how to remove stains or even remove the nsets  that directly attack the wood causing serious damage. Parquet can be destroyed by woodworms, wood-eating ants, or termites that destroy its beauty and integrity.

Treatment for parquet:  Understanding the precise type of insect, ensures a positive outcome of the Ants, Woodworm, Termite Disinfestation  service   and the definitive elimination of the problem, contact one of our  parquet experts . You are looking for specialized local pest control companies, such as  emergency pest control pest control companies, to eliminate infestations of all kinds. One of our expert technicians is enough  to solve  your emergency , contact us now. 


Insect pest control on parquet.  Bio Disinfestation  without pesticides: Our company operates throughout Italy, with highly effective and totally natural treatments. 100% Safe 100% Guaranteed  Our Expert Technicians . Our  treatment  for the  elimination of woodworms  and  wood- eating ants  . Treatment for parquet: A  treatment  for  parquet  can take place through a traditional system with specific products for the  insect pest,   only an expert in the sector can determine the type of  pest.

An  infested parquet  is more damaged in a short time breast is treated with the right methods, and with the appropriate technique. Finding an  expert in parquet treatment is  not easy,  craftsmanship is  no longer what it once was, today you can find low-cost and low-quality parquet. A parquet made by a craftsman has an inestimable value, as a realization and as a beauty it has nothing to do with those made with industrial material of little commercial value and its beauty is unmatched.


An infested parquet:  a  microwave treatment  is highly effective and involves rather long processing times but with excellent results. Once the processing is finished, no toxic residues remain and there will be nothing to clean as if products  with  pesticides were used  . The  microwave  involves the elimination of eggs,  insect pests , mites and the pupa that can be found inside the  parquet .

 The microwave method  is used by an  experienced operator  with extensive experience in the field  disinfestation microwave , whether it is used for  beams  of  roofs, floors  in  parquet flooring or paneling walls . Today it can also be used on  paintings, furniture ,   wooden statues or large  sculptures.


Biological disinfestation  is a method where  water-based products are  used without solvents and without chemical or synthetic diluents, this allows to intervene on parquet surfaces by giving two or three coats of  product  without chemical residues and  eliminating  all the infested part without leaving traces that can intervene both on our health and to the detriment of the environment.

Biological disinfestation  takes place using materials that for the infesting insect are deadly but do not create damage to the health of people or pets. Using organic products the treatments are totally  effective . These  products  are extracted from plants that do not have a great impact on humans, but for  the pest insect it  is very harmful and causes their destruction. These interventions are longer for its processing than for jobs with the use of  chemical materials.

Parquet treatment with heat generator

Hot air pest control: The use of heat generators is a 100% organic and cutting-edge method of our times. The use of hot air  to combat  pests is  a  technology  ahead of the times number 1, because it does not release toxic substances and can be used to  fight all the insects  that attack our homes. Our technicians  know the operating mode of  pests  and can calculate the temperatures of use and working times.

All insect pests  have a point of  collapse  both with cold and with heat, it is enough to know the collapse temperatures for each type of insect . An  expert technician  is able to know and know the right processing times by bringing the right temperature to destroy  the weed.


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