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Disinfestation or Infestations Of Woodworms:  These   wood- boring beetles consume hard and tender wood throughout their life without ever stopping, as well as eliminating them. Woodworm treatment, with microwave.  Young woodworm works the wood with great tenacity, thus destroying its integrity. '' Microwave treatment ''  is one of the most innovative and most radical sources for its total removal. For tempting citizens and a difficult world to arrive with sophisticated systems. One of the solutions is a   do-it-yourself treatment with a brush and a good anti-woodworm of the latest generation without odor.

In ancient times  , brush treatment methods or syringe jetswere used , today it is treated in this way by  old restorers  or people who do not have a source of  technical knowledge , to have an excellent restoration result. First of all, before intervening, it is necessary to vacuum or blow with an air compressor included to remove all the residual dirt of the wood eaten by the  woodworm .

 Do It Yourself Anti Woodworm Treatment:  The Woodworm  fundamental behavior to remove said beetle. Know their life, their operating way. Behavior of the woodworm:  They fly when the weather is hot and sunny, invading our homes and proliferating with an indescribable tenacious voracity.


Do-it-yourself anti-woodworm treatment:  For an excellent result, see using  products of excellent  quality. Never use poor quality or poor quality material, saving does not give optimal results. Doing it yourself you will find yourself having many uncertainties, doubts about the product to use, and how to use it. Maybe with a waste of time and money!

It should be known that inside houses and other buildings the common woodworm of furniture is an extremely common parasite that we find in nature,  olive trees ,  chestnuts ,  walnuts  etc.

ANTI Woodworm Treatment:  Using Do-It-Yourself methods you often find yourself managing situations of technical and manual difficulty, not knowing how to use the appropriate tools that are often not found in  free trade . Let us remember that the woodworm in its life changes its metamorphosis at least 3/4 times, becoming from  caterpillar  to  butterfly  and insect called  hammer  or  capricorn worm . Its life is very long even though it is a few centimeters in size beetle.

Despite this  beetle it  can invade more than simple furniture or beams causing devastation and compromising their structural integrity, then causing excessive restoration costs or important material damage, without considering the annoyances caused by the bites of the woodworm mite ,  parasite  that hosts the body. dead of the  worm  itself. These bites do damage in our skin causing severe irritation so that then we have to intervene with  dermatological care  in  basic steroid .


Removing the ' Mite woodworm  DIY: DIY removal can take place with suction and wash  clothing fabrics  personal and all the  cotton fibers and wool  in our homes. You can remove the mite by  washing in the washing machine with   special insecticides that you find in the  pharmacy  or  herbalist's shop . Although these products are not completely up to the  professional treatment . A  professional  officer  pest mite  uses methods and  professional materials , with greater results and less expense.

Woodworm and woodworm mite treatment . Type: The  infestation  can damage ornamental structures in wood,  musical instruments ,  wooden tools  and, on a broader  scale ,  wooden floors ,  carpentry  and  structural timbers . Doing with the do-date we do not always get results as an expert  in  pest control could achieve  .


These   wood- boring beetles consume hard and soft woods. How to intervene to solve an infestation by using traditional methods with materials found in free trade,  non-professional products , for sale in DIY stores. As already mentioned above, we can indicate that to obtain an excellent result you must always vacuum all the compromised surface, fill  every  hole produced by the beetle with a syringe full of  anti-woodworm product . Repeating the procedure for at least three times at a distance of half an hour and closing the cabinet or beam with cellophane for 5 days, Repeat the whole process 3 times, always 5 days apart . By doing so, the final result will be excellent.

Treatment for wood-boring beetles. A  specialized company  using innovative methods carries out the whole process with much shorter times and with better results. Treatments  recommended by companies or by an  expert technician  are:

  1. Microwave treatment
  2. Heat generation treatment
  3. Gas chamber treatment
  4. Spray treatment plus thermo vaporizers
  5. Biogreen treatment
  6. Thermo nebulizer treatment

Today there are other methods that we are not going to list because the use of these methods or technologies are used in places with particular difficulties:  museums, art galleries, customs, libraries.

Expert in Pest Control Montecatini Terme

Woodworm Treatment: Disinfestation by an expert in Woodworm Disinfestation. Montecatini Terme microwave treatment Montecatini Terme heat generation treatment ,  Montecatini Terme gas chamber treatment ,  Spray treatment plus thermo vaporizers ,  Biogreen Montecatini Terme treatment, Montecatini Terme thermo nebulizer treatment. 

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