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Pest Tarlo Microwave:  The  disinfection  or removal of worms in  microwave  can be realized with the  technology  most advanced in the last few years. Today there exists many ways to treat  our furniture  and our beams of  wood , they are valuable or not, using pesticide-free methods. Bio pest control was  born exponentially in recent years, with great successes in our homes, in our premises, and in our cultural heritage.

Microwave Treatment:  The MICRONWOOD  is a machine that heats the wood up to the  "heart",  thus ensuring the elimination of woodworms  that are found deeper. Once it reaches the   working temperature , the operator deactivates the machine, to position it in another infested point and so on until it covers the entire surface to be treated. The problem is currently to be considered solved.


Microwave woodworm treatment:   The technicians were all courteous and competent, completing the program as described in advance. The  Our company  operates in the field of  pest control  for 30 years with excellent results,  our technicians  are well qualified and trained with extensive experience, which ranks above average in the whole Italian territory.  Pest Control,  a leading company in  pest control and pest control  with innovative methods and pesticide-free technological systems  .

Microwave Beams Disinfestation:   No improvised treatment, no ineffective spray can:  100% biological treatment.  Contact one of our Microwave pest control experts  , call the  pest control professionals  and get rid of woodworms, without damaging anything, without dirtying, without harmful effects on health. Our company uses an innovative system with  heat generator, microwave,  cryogen control and biological treatments. Our company protects the environment,  our operators take care not to pollute the environment and don't mess around with the environment. We will be fast, precise, highly professional and cost-effective.


Anti Woodworm Treatment:  We carry out a careful analysis of each individual case, in order to identify the  worm-eaten wooden artifacts  and then we intervene with a careful phase of removal and complete destruction of the insect in the artifact. '' Microwave Treatment '' is  an effective system with great results. What do you foresee to remove the problem? For the presence of  mites  or  scleroderma ? The solution: An  anti-woodworm treatment  on infested wood,  usually using the Microwave System. With an anti-woodworm treatment, the woodworm mite is removed.

Disinfestation of woodworm mite.  Very often in many situations where the wooden beams have been infested by the woodworm mite,  we intervene by spraying an  anti-woodworm  without odor to destroy and remove  the mite . The woodworm mite  causes great inconvenience in our homes, and causes severe irritation in the skin with pustules that cause severe pain and a lot of discomfort.


Microwave Disinfestation: Microwave System , so as to radically eliminate woodworms and therefore related parasites of the woodworm. Microwave treatment  Finally, we combine the  disinfestation  of woodworms and woodworm parasites with a  100% effective  and pesticide- free  sanitation . Carrying out only an   environmental disinfestation with unprofessional methods does not solve the problem, given the rapid proliferation of  the  woodworm parasite  . An  expert exterminator and an important figure because he knows how to move and how to intervene to remove your  unwanted guest .  

Woodworm pest control: Contact one of our pest control experts to find out all the needs to remove woodworms and mites safely.  '' Disinfestation of wood parasites is  a job for real  professionals ''. Contact us for a  no-obligation quote  from one of our pest control experts. A professional  in the sector can help you solve your nightmare, contact us, call now! Only us woodworm pest control professionals ...

Woodworm disinfestation Montecatini Terme

Emergency Disinfestation Woodworm:  The woodworm  can attack expensive objects and compromise its beauty and destroy it without being able to notice it. An antique and even structural elements of a building. Woodworm  and its  wood parasite  have managed to develop a surprising variety of life forms and can even live comfortably in completely dry wood causing severe damage to its integrity.

Woodworm removal or anti-woodworm treatment: It consists of an intervention by professionals in the sector.

The worm  is a beetle that lives longer than all the other species, throughout his life changes of transforming metamorphosis from larva to insect and causing serious structural damage to  furniture, paintings, beams  of wood  etc.  Our company  fights the infestation of the  Woodworm  with unique state-of-the-art systems. Among the most innovative mentioned the  microwave treatment , treatment in  generation  of  heat, gas treatment chamber  , the treatment to the absence of oxygen  Biogreen and treatment  (liquid nitrogen) . Our company fights with great results the infestation of woodworms  ...

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