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Microwave Disinfestation

Emergency Services Pest Firenze  leading company in the sector D isinfestazione . The  disinfestation  of woodworms takes place when the infestation is already past, as it is difficult to identify these insects before damage. Microwave Woodworm  Treatment   contact our urgent pest control expert for more info.

Microwave beam disinfestation.  Woodworm  disinfestation with  microwaves . Microwave woodworm treatment   is a method of  disinfesting  the beams and joists of buildings. A  well done microwave woodworm treatment  is safe.


Microwave treatment: Microwave woodworm  disinfestation   is based on a physical process, therefore, no potentially toxic chemicals are used. 100% SAFE and Pesticide Free TARLO Disinfestation  Safe Treatment.  At the end of the  woodworm disinfestation with microwaves , it is possible to immediately access the disinfested rooms. After a microwave treatment there are no contraindications to their attendance, even a few moments after the surgery.


No damage to structural woods, call one of our experts to find out about all our offers. Advantage: It is an aspect that should not be taken for granted. Woodworm disinfestation with microwaves must not cause damage to the wood. A treatment done to the structures, and this depends on the skills of the applicators. Our machines are highly technological with an advanced system.


Microwave intervention: Effectiveness of microwave woodworm disinfestation.

The  woodworm treatment  causes the death of any stage of worms: eggs, larvae, pupae and adult insects. Treatment consists in eliminating woodworms from the beams without pesticides forever. The attainment of the temperatures necessary for the death of xylophagous insects is guaranteed in every point of the beam or wooden joist. Our operator will check the temperature to monitor the progress of the intervention.


Monitoring: Control of all phases of the intervention.

The continuous control of the work guarantees the effectiveness and safety of the intervention. Emergency Disinfestation Intervention works with expert technicians.  Each progress is constantly monitored with infrared cameras. Our staff  with years of experience in  disinfestation of woodworms  with microwave treatment  .

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