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Disinfestation Silverfish


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You are looking for specialized local pest control companies, such as the exterminators of , to eliminate  infestations  of all kinds. Our economic disinfestation intervention is enough   to solve uncomfortable and dangerous situations caused by  invasion of animals ,  rodents ,  cockroaches,  reptiles and  pests.  exterminators , to eliminate  infestations  of all kinds. Our economic disinfestation intervention is enough   to solve uncomfortable and dangerous situations caused by  invasion of animals ,  rodents ,  cockroaches, silverfish  and  pests.

Emergency Disinfestation For: Silverfish Disinfestation.

Pesciolino Silver:  Also known as  silverfish  or  anchovies  is an insect  lucifugo, fast and wingless; synanthropic and widespread in human dwellings.  

Silverfish pest control  consists of cleaning, spraying an anti-  parasite  and not leaving food open or around the house.

Silverfish make dates:  To catch silverfish, 1: 1 mixes of borax and  sugar are used  as bait; sprinkle some plaster on a damp, white rag leaving it overnight in a corner near their lair. Another technique is to leave a grated potato near the insect den, always at night, the next morning the potato can be thrown away along with the fish that will be left there.

Silverfish:  The silverfish's favorite food is substances that contain starch or polysaccharides such as dextrin used in adhesives:

the insect therefore loves glue and sugary dairy products,  book bindings , photos , stamps, sugar and dust.

Nor does it disdain cotton, linen, silk, dead insects or even its own exuvia (the skin lost in the moult).

Silverfish where it hides:  Some witnesses claim to have found more than one inside a kettle of water rich in limestone deposited on the bottom. If there is no other food, the silverfish can ruin leather garments ( belts, shoes ) or synthetic fiber clothing. However, he can go without food for months without suffering.

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You are looking for specialized local disinfestation companies, such as exterminators , to eliminate infestations of all kinds. Our economic disinfestation intervention is enough to solve uncomfortable and dangerous situations caused by invasion of animals rodents cockroaches and pests.

Disinfestation Firenze is a company that deals with disinfection pest control and rodent control of environments , able to solve all the problems related to the presence of insects, rodents and annoying birds, always ready to disturb the peace beyond all tolerability limits.

Deratization . Tailor-made solutions to eradicate the presence of  rats  and mice from private homes, condominiums, public bodies,  factories, restaurants,  hornets, wasps, scorpions  and  flies , but also  fleas  and  ticks, rats and pigeons . Contact  Pronto Intervento Disinfestazioni  and you can be sure that you are contacted by specialists in the sector, with twenty years of experience behind them, ready to offer you tailor-made solutions.



Emergency Service For Pest Control: Disinfection by  Pesciolino Silver

Our company  uses 100% organic methods  ,  our pest control technicians save look at nature, and do not use chemicals, we of the emergency pest control only use 100% Bio material   contact us now for info.

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Disinfestation, disinfection and deratization: are they different?

The words rodent control disinfection and disinfestation are often confused and are thought to be different idioms to indicate the same thing, in reality they refer to different operations to eliminate microorganisms or small animals from homes.

Disinfestation: what is it and what does it mean?

Pest control company  . rodent control  service active 24 hours a day ready to intervene at any time to disinfect and rodent control for  companies  and individuals. In the face of finding the presence of  rats , it is good to request a rodent control service. Emergency  Disinfestation , a company operating in  Firenze  and its province. Contact an expert in  pest control and  urgent rodent control .

Do you need a pest control service   in Firenze and its province ? You have definitely landed on the right site! The company  Pronto Intervento Disinfestazione Firenze  carries out urgent interventions of  sanitation, disinfection, cleaning, reclamation . Call Now Tel: 3885757999 We guarantee interventions 24  hours  a day. Immediate availability throughout the national territory. Respect the new dpr have your business sanitized your shop or your taxi call us for more info. Contact us now for: removal of processionaries. hornets disinfestation. rats removal. flea disinfestation.

Disinfection: what is it and what is it for?

The disinfection , unlike disinfection, does not aim to kill pests but to ' elimination of pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, spores, fungi or viruses . Disinfection is carried out both with natural means and with chemical-physical products To eradicate and eliminate viruses, bacteria and spores in certain environments (hospitals, clinics, public places) chemical-physical methods are usually used

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The 24H Emergency Disinfestation technicians guarantee quick and safe interventions, offers a highly qualified service (Disinfestation Sanitization Disinfection) aimed at individuals, offices, shops and condominiums.

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