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Bus And Truck Sanitization

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Civil and industrial cleaning, sanitation and environmental hygiene services Office and commercial activities sanitation - video inspections, reclamation and sanitation of air conditioning systems, warehouses, discos, shopping centers, etc. The disinfestation    of  insects and parasites  is directed against  mosquitoes, wasps, flies ,  bed bugs ,  parasites  of foodstuffs,  ants, cockroaches . Specialists in  pest control  for  emergency disinfection  are near you.


Protection with its safety. workplaces, condominiums and clubs. Firenze sanitation and disinfection  protocol  against viruses in the workplace. Request information. Team Of  Professionals. Availability h24. Call Now. Proper  sanitation and disinfection  of  public transport,  shops, large  magagni  is a fundamental procedure to combat the spread of  coronavirus. Disinfections with Ozone



This technique is based on the production  (on the spot to be sanitized and using a special machine)  of ozone, a very powerful natural disinfectant obtained from the conversion of oxygen present in the air through  electrical discharges.  Disinfestations throughout Tuscany. Companies and Individuals. Expert and Qualified Technicians Evaluate Your Problem and the Best Solution. Services: Disinfestation, Bed Bugs, Woodworms, Mosquitoes, Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, Birds, Spiders. Contact us for info on our offers and service, call now.


The ozone sanitization treatment is now necessary to comply with the directives imposed by the institutions regarding the spread of the new COVID-19. Emergency Disinfestation, thanks to a new method, offers a sanitization service for external and internal environments.  Disinfection of indoor areas: Here you will find all the information on how to protect indoor environments from viruses and bacteria in a short time thanks to OUR COMPANY.

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