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Bio Disinfestation With Heat Generators


Bio-pest control  with  heat generators allows our company to effectively and definitively eradicate any pest or parasitic insect from your homes. Wood-boring insects that invade your homes,  furniture, paintings, beams  of the roof support, as the  worm  or the ' mite  of the  worm  can get to destroy the  wood  of these things beyond repair. The use of heat generators or unit  heaters  that bring the ambient temperature to  high temperatures , allow to destroy the  eggs  and  embryos  ( larvae) already at 42 ° centigrade. However, the adult insect  needs a higher temperature, which is kept constant for a certain period in the environment to be treated.

The woodworm treatment  with heat generators combines the  technological system  of the  machine  with  the heat  it produces. This   non-invasive ecological system does not bring inconvenience to the customer, it is not necessary for the inhabitants of the house to go out for hours as for  the use of pesticides . Our specialized technicians  will explain the times it will take for the  cooling  of the treated environment, and for the reuse of the premises in a normal way.


To optimize the intervention times  for an optimal  bio disinfestation , the rooms must be preheated by the customer, by turning on  the house heating in advance  to bring a temperature of 18/20 degrees in the rooms. This serves to remove the moisture from the wood to be treated. If a room was not previously heated, the discomfort for people increases because the intervention times are lengthened exponentially.

Another  excellent system  for optimizing intervention times is  that, in case of intervention on furniture and beams, bring the furniture to the rooms where there is the need to  treat the beams . In fact, by bringing the temperature to the level of use, our specialized technician will sanitize both the furniture and the beams in one go.


The ecological heat generator treatment can also be used for arthropod insects such as bed bugs, cat and dog fleas and ticks, house dust mites, flour mites, Scandinavian mites. The working system is simple and non-invasive, no type of dirt created by the use of insecticide products. With this type of processing it can be easily achieved with a single decisive intervention, unlike the two / three interventions diluted in 4 days from each other, as for the use of spray pesticides. With the use of heat generators, times are much shorter for a definitive solution, consequently the costs will also be more adequate.

Depending on the particularity of the intervention and above all on the things that the customer has to disinfect. Our specialized technician will advise you on the type of machine to use. Together with you you will decide the times and ways to give the customer the maximum opportunity and also to give the minimum disturbance.



Biodisinfestation: our company uses innovative and non-pesticide methods to protect the environment and nature. Having said that these systems entail a great advantage both in terms of time and costs, resolutely solving the problems of insects and parasites, using non-invasive methods and with optimal results. Biodisinfestation involves a great advantage for everyone in terms of intervention time, greatly reducing an infestation of parasites with the generation of heat, destroying eggs, larvae and embryos without the use of pesticides.

BIO GREEN is an innovative system and we at PEST CONTROL care about nature and the environment. Few companies in our area are part of our group. One of our expert technicians will come to your home or office or warehouse to evaluate the times and ways to operate for a biological pesticide-free pest control. Biodisinfestation is used on weeds where the use of pesticide products is not required, such as for sugar and flour silos and grain deposits.


BIOLOGICAL DISINFESTATION: great results can be obtained even without the use of chemicals. The use of large methods such as liquid nitrogen, heat generators, microwaves, ozone generators, UV lamps, ozone generators plus UV lamps are used by large companies that are today on our territory boasting an innovative system unique in its kind that small companies cannot afford due to the costs of machinery and their logistics. This system involves having specially built vehicles for moving these machines.

Another system we use is the gas chamber, or microwave chamber. It is only used for paintings, galleries or museums, their complexity consists in installing a portable camera on the spot where the intervention is carried out. This is a very effective system, but it takes much longer, but its results bear fruit. Treatment for works of art of great value which would not be possible to intervene with traditional methods.


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