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Ants Disinfestation With Wings: Our Company Offers A 24/7 Service 365 Days a Year. '' OUR SERVICES ''  We can be at your home in no time, intervene immediately to resolve your emergency without any damage. Our experienced professionals are constantly updated with specialized courses and personally take care to check all the equipment and materials used to compare in such an intervention. Our specialized technicians  are  great experts with twenty years of experience.

 Our vast experience has allowed us to get to where we are now, we are number one in timing and professionalism. The disinfestation of ants with wings is very frequent in our country. Ants have a particular, complex and highly organized reproductive system. The queens can last up to a maximum of 15/20 years in deference of the workers.



Pest Control Technicians: We pride ourselves on being always available and very fast in responding to the customer to start the intervention with free estimates and without obligation. Winged Ants: Ants  existed on our planet from 140 and 180 million years ago, they are  hymenoptera inserts . There are at least 10,000 species of ants on our planet  . Ants are differentiated from each other by their  morphology  and their ways of being social and colonizing animals  The ant society is divided into groups or "castes":   The male ants and the  reproductive females called queens take care of the  reproduction of the eggs . The  non-productive female ants divide into two primary tasks   the  worker ants that procure food for the  colony  and the  soldier ants  that defend their  colony  and their  anthill  from other insects and animals that feed on them.


Urgent Intervention: Emergency Disinfestation Ants. An  exterminator  must recognize and know how to differentiate between the various types of  ants . By contacting an expert technician you can  solve your emergency  with cutting-edge techniques and excellent quality products without using pesticides. The disinfestation  of the  ants  can be done using easy and very effective methods  (treatment with pheromones and treatment with attractive gel products)  these systems are  very effective  because with these baits  the insects  are attracted, managing to eradicate them in a few days. The  attractant gel treatment attracts   worker ants to bring this food to their colony thus contaminating  small or large communities . In a few days   the colony  is devastated without them realizing where  the contamination is coming from . This method is used by companies that do not use pesticides and are careful to  protect the environment.


San Lazzaro Di Savena Winged Ants Treatment:  nests can be very simple or extremely complicated depending on the type of ant that infests your home. Ants  prefer the ground to build their  anthills  but there are species of  ants  that live on plants or trees or under stones and digging holes in the mortar of the walls. The ants  that live in temperate environments such as in our country choose to build  their nest  in places where the largest wall of the  nest  is exposed to the sun to maintain the right temperature   in the nest  to  ensure  the hatching of the eggs. The  technical experts  in  disinfestation  intervene to remove and eradicate the  ants hauled  in times timely and highly effective. Pronto Intervention Pest Control is a pioneering company in the pest control sector, occupying the first places in terms of environmental protection and competitive for the speed and simplification of interventions for the reduction of execution costs due to the little waste of materials released into the environment. ...

Disinfestation Services SAN LAZZARO DI SAVENA

Disinfection and Disinfestation What Consists and Their Difference:
Disinfections,  What is the difference between  cleaning, sanitation, disinfection and sanitation?  • Cleaning consists in removing dust, residues, dirt from surfaces in work and civil environments. Disinfection  and removal of pathogens from surfaces after  cleaning  with special machinery. Sanitation  consists in the removal of bacterial and microbial loads   from surfaces and the environment. 

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